GeoConnect+ is a cloud-based platform which connects asset information with Building Information Models (BIM) and documentation from information management systems, cost and planning data from project control systems, measurement data from sensors, health and safety, risk and requirements data and much more.

From any device GeoConnect+ serves up data in context with your assets and presents it in simple to use viewers via 3D virtual reality simulations and interactive maps.

PCSG is a leading built environment consultancy which specialises in delivering digital twins – digital representations of real-world assets to enable informed decision-making to achieve best value, optimisation and risk reduction throughout the asset lifecycle.

PCSG have partnered with four businesses to develop the GeoConnect+ product. This partnership brings together GroupBC and PCSG. Together we bring integration capability, wide scale, high accuracy and realistic interactive mapping and gaming simulations and provide an easy to use and understand interface to the complex world of engineering and the built environment


We make software that helps our customers build the future

Group BC provide asset owners, owner operators and construction companies with state-of-the-art information management platforms, to manage the vast amounts of information about assets and construction projects. From standardising workflows across multiple teams to securely sharing data, models and files, GroupBC’s CDE (Common Data Environment) software makes project collaboration easier and more effective. Group BC’s intuitive, scalable and secure system helps multiple users gain total control of their built assets, projects and programmes of work.

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